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Barack Obama get a sensitive touched speach. Over the tragic moment in Newton USA when 20 children and 6 adault get killed by a young gunman at there school.

Published: 2012-12-17

Libyan rebels storm Gaddafi stronghold area

Aljazeera 2011-08-25

Memorial Oslo-Utöya 22 of July 2011

My reflection of the Norwegian tragedy that affects us all people in different ways.

"Anyone who thinks that you can kill the very life, of freedom, 
independence, freedom of choice and democracy, has betrayed all
his humanity thoroughly"

My warm sympathy else in grief.
Hilsen fra Kenth Olsson / Halmstad / Frösakull Community
A massacre unprecedented in brutality 
and evil

Kent, July 24, 2011 at. 14:30

NRK1 succeeded with this year's media performance.
By conveying to the world in a very visual way of communicating
profound grief, in the wake of this evil and horrible senseless
unforgivable act of terror. Where many innocent young people
were injured and killed.

Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg made a strong memory, speech,
characterized by empathy and compassion. My sincere condolences
to all victims of this very tragic event. Raise your voice for humanity
in the world!

Barack Obama get another 4 years as President in USA

Congratulation Mr President!
To another 4 years with hard work and many challenges. All the very best for you and family and the international "worldfamily" aswell.

Published by: Kent Olsson 2012-11-07

Hey, check this out from CNN:
Young start-ups shaping Egypt's future

Barack Obama of the Deal about economy

Barack Obama about Egyptes Transition of power

President Barack Obama President Barack Obama

Tough decision taken by Barack Obama...

Situation Room 3 May 2011 Vita Huset Washington Foto: AP
"Imagine if we had a world 
free of
conflicts and injustice
in which all people

had a good life and could live
in harmony
with nature"
Quote by: Kenth Olsson 2011-02-01