Intensive construction ongoing in Frösakull. All forms of accommodations villas, condominiums and rental apartments. The place is Sigyns road near Frösakull School and densify the area of housing further.

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Welcome to the A-house Frösakull
Display villa Lagan, which has 160 square meters in two planes. Airy floor plan with the possibility of their own choice and arrangement of surfaces. Garage, large balcony on the upper floor, bedroom and mini spa area with Jacuzzi, sauna, etc.

Fiber, alarm included. Support of the construction techniques and ground work. Good security with insurance that covers various parts of the house over 10 years, 2 years and 1 year. A-hus built 15 villas of different types and sizes. 5 villas have been sold so far. Contact A-house for the prices and further information.

Photo & Text: Kenth Olsson 2011-10-13

The first construction of the Wennerholms 30 rental apartments taking shape

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It is a heavy job of mura, when every stone blocks weighing 23.5 kg so it´s physically exhausting. Anja and Kaj says that it takes about 2 weeks to finished a garage.

That will be finalized for five days with another work with electricity and furniture before everything is ready.

Photo & Film & Text: Kenth Olsson

Photo: Kenth Olsson

A-house building including 15 new. Villas in Frösakull

Photo: Kenth Olsson Intensive construction work

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Wennerholms building 30 Rental Apartments in the area.

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