VIBRANT CURIOSITY the wet dream for You?

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This fantastic luxury private Yacht visits now Halmstad at the dock south 
of the old customs house. 
Will preliminary to sail on July 30 so take the opportunity to take a look.
If you are not available, you can watch the slide show instead, where there 
are some other pictures too.
Photo & Text: Kent Olsson 2011-07-27

Could this be true?

Postcards purchased in the tobacco trade and Brussels in spring 1991
(Sweden joined the EU on 1 of July 1991).

Food for thought just in the country of Sweden?

According to the author  Björn Larsson  are the three things we Swedes are the best in the world and thues our main export article.

Common rights

→ The principle of public

→ Gender equality




Footnote: Abroad  - particulary in France, Italy and Germany - count  Björn Larsson as one of the most significant contemporary authors. 

Text: Kenth Olsson

Mr and Mrs Duck get lost out in the traffic where to go?

Filmproduction: Kent Olsson

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