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Vision: To be an 
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proliferation of primarily 
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knowledge and services, 
but also a global outlook.

Facts about society, 
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culture, politics, 
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the global sustainable 
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Studentball at Hotel Tylösand

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Springtime has arrived to Frösakull


* After Beach 
at Solgården

* Every afternoon during

the summer.

16:00 - 18:00

W E L C O M E!

Villa Lagan. 2011-10-13

After Beach at Solgården Tylösand

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Many people came to the school was out and seemed to thrive. Many people came to the school was out and seemed to thrive.

Lovely nice graduation 
present on June 16 where 
pupils in all grades sang a 
summer show  to guitar 
music and seemed happy. 

Many parents and loved ones 
came and the weather was 
comfortably warm. Principal 
Elizabeth Schönbeck made 
a short speech and handed 
out roses and gave hugs to 
5:grades the hands that had
his last day on 
Frösakull School.
Elizabeth also told the 
pupils participated in 
several competitions and 
won prizes. She thanked 
the pupils and teachers and
gave praise for a job 
well done. 

Schools Inspectorate has 
also been visited and 
praised that everything runs
smoothly at 
Frösakull School. 
The results are good in 
learning for pupils at 
the school. 

And now waiting for a long 
summer break, with also 
maybe a little sleepmornings 
and recharge energy for 
the autumn.

Photo & Film & Text: Kent Olsson
David Wennerholm breath and enjoy the summer holidays

The pupils sang summer songs

A lovely day June 10, 2011
NIKO Huovilainen took his 
degree in Social Sciences 
& Economics. 

He will now take a break 
from studies and work for a 
time and then continue 
Good luck!

Photo & Text: Kent Olsson
A handsome student
BEACH starting to get life

Lukas and his Dad Per plays
beach tennis in sunny 

Photo: Kent Olsson


PREMIERE for Students' 
Ball at Hotel Tylösand. 
A nice annual event with 
the ball and meals. A 
memorable evening for 
this year's graduates 
in Halmstad.

A pleasure when I am 
carfanatics, and car parade 
always offer surprises.

Photo & Film: Kent Olsson


Stylish and elegant
Versatile creations

The car parade

Frösakullsskolan has been
given its own
small wind
turbine. To be used in the

training of students for
understanding and
knowledge of theory and

A school significantly in
time with a strong
environmental profile,

one can say.

Photo & Film:: Kent Olsson

Eco-friendly spin

Frösakulls future!
Preschool Loke with children 
and teachers to walk in 
the lovely spring time.


Frösakull grows ...
Photo: Kent Olsson
Another tasteful new construction that blends gently into the environment.

Children's Party at asylum accommodation in Frösakull

Today, August 17 children's party at asylum accommodation, Pensionat Frösakull. With balloons, cake, music and joy. Two girls celebrate birthday 6 years old and 14 years from Syria and Eritrea. The management of the  accommodation contribute with gifts, cake and goodies along with them accommodation. A nice moment with harmonious togetherness. 

Photo & Text: Kent Olsson 2014-08-17

After Beach Tylösand in the lovely Summertime

Oscar and Elton liked saltwater

Lovely fresh saltwater in Frösakull this day 20 of February 2014.

Produced by : Kent Olsson

W E L C O M E!

Founder Kenth Olsson Founder Kenth Olsson
In these days of constant change, 
here at home and around the
world, we try to communicate
what is happening in key areas
of our society.













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