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302 70 Halmstad
Editorship: Kenth Olsson
+46 (0)735 266 286

Summer is wonderful!               Summer is wonderful!
AKTUELLT Frösakull #1 2014
The latest issue to read 

Now we start again with the issue 
of AKTUELLT Frösakull 
in pdf A4 format and easy to 
reed on screen.

There has been a break because 
of other projects that are prioritized. 

The publication will be of varying 
issues during the year, beginning 
in summer 2011.  
WELCOME!  Photo & Text: Kenth Olsson


AKTUELLT Frösakull #1 2014

AKTUELLT Frösakull #1 2012

AKTUELLT Frösakull #1 2011 

AKTUELLT Frösakull #2 2011 

Very soon time för bath at the sea...

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Copyright & Filmproduction: Kenth Olsson 2012-03-28

Lovely sunny winterday today! 26 of February 2012 longing for spring now ;).

Copyright & Filmproduction: Kenth Olsson 2012-02-26

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A unique and major project nearing its completion.

Nice environment to work out on the golf sport.

Ringenäs Golf Restaurang

Ringenäs Golf Club nearby has a superb restaurant with good food in lovely surroundings

But also a beautiful and very varied golf course

Editor: Kenth Olsson

Photo: Kenth Olsson Photo: Kenth Olsson
Construction of Frösakull
There is feverish activity in 
Frösakull with the construction 
of villas, condominiums and 
rental apartments.
Retirement homes are also 
planned so the place 
is growing fast.
Unique Golf Sports Arena
Volkswagen Golfarena is 
probably the world's finest 
complete training facility for the 
Golf Sport.